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Agbanga Karite

Agbanga Karite Group Members

Group MembersWe are often asked if Agbanga Karite is helping a "village" or "villagers" in Africa. We could say yes and leave it at that, but this is a very vague response. When you buy Agbanga Karite shea butter and virgin oils, you are helping individuals in villages and in the larger towns throughout Togo. Our shea nuts come from a large area from central to northern Togo that comprises almost half of the country. Furthermore, our shea butter center is located in Sokode, a town of 100,000 located in the middle of the country. The women that make our shea butter come from small villages as well as this large town. Help is needed as much in large towns as it is in small villages. Working with Agbanga Karite provides our members with a steady income and financial independence, which helps support children and families in our communities.

To give you a more personal answer to the question, we have decided to have a page dedicated to the individuals that are responsible for producing our pure, unrefined shea butter so that you can meet them directly.

Limata Gbadamassi

Limata Gbadamassi

Limata Gbadamassi is the director of Agbanga Karite shea butter production in Togo. Limata was born and raised in a shea butter producing community in central Togo, and has more than 50 years experience with shea butter production. She directs over 400 members that gather shea nuts and produce Agbanga Karite pure, unrefined shea butter.

Lafissa MammanLafissa Mamman

Lafissa Mamman is one of the oldest members of Agbanga Karite. She is the supervisor for the crystallization process. This is one of the most critical steps in making our unrefined shea butter so creamy. Lafissa has made and sold shea butter at the local markets for over 40 years. She is a genuine shea butter expert and Agbanga Karite is fortunate that she is sharing her skills and expertise with us. Lafissa also brings a sense of community and family to Agbanga Karite, as she is a great story teller.

Irou Badi RahamanIrou Badi Rahaman

Irou Badi Rahaman is a group supervisor in charge of making sure the shea oil is not over heated. She has made shea butter her entire life. Now she is supporting her three children and paying for their educations


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