Producer and Distributor of Unrefined, Handcrafted, Fair Trade Shea Butter. Chemical Free, No Parabens, All Natural.


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Agbanga Karite

Our Philosophy

Agbanga Karite follows three basic principles:

  • Reducing our footprint on earth by harvesting sustainably, prohibiting the use of chemicals and actions that harm other species, and using renewable energy sources.

  • Respecting humanity fully by appreciating social and religious beliefs of our members and customers and paying fair salaries and real market prices for raw materials.

  • Providing customers with distinctive quality products and service while preserving indigenous knowledge and resources.

Mission Statement

Agbanga Karite is devoted to providing fine quality unrefined shea butter, authentic African black soap and tropical oils to discerning buyers while upholding the principles of fair trade. We advocate retaining local control of natural resources and preserving traditional values and production methods.

Vision Statement

Through our commitment to the fair trade principles of living wages, respect, openness, and environmental stewardship, Agbanga Karite will set an example for other African organizations to follow. Our profits will be given back to the community in the form of educational scholarships and grants to sustainable community enhancement programs.

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