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- "I love your shea butter! It is so creamy and smooth and luscious! I make lip balms, whipped body butters, body balms and many other products with it and I must say, NO other shea butter compares! Yours is so smooth... a lot of other brands are grainy or gritty, but I have never had that problem with your shea butter. You ship quickly and answer emails right away! What more could I ask! Thank you!!!"
CP, (Arkansas)

- "I've just received my order of Unrefined Shea Butter and used it for the first time. I am amazed; your product has truly surpassed my expectations. I have tried other "unrefined" Shea butters from other companies so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, but I was wrong. I'm very pleased with the texture, the moisture, and the softness of my skin after using it. I don't think I'll ever buy Shea Butter from any place else. I'm so glad I found your company."
Shineka (Michigan)

- "I'm glad I discovered your site. I ordered your Shea Butter and Black soap and I must say that both products are of the highest quality. Please keep up the good work!"
Romell (Marietta, GA)

- "I recieved my order earlier this week and already I'm amazed. I ordered the black soap, the shea butter and the unrefined honey. I should tell you that I have extremely dry sensitive skin everywhere but my face which is sensitive and oily. Ive used the soap on my entire body and followed with the shea butter and thus far I am immensly pleased. My face is no longer oily and my skin is no longer dry. I've raved about your company and your products to everyone I know. It makes me so happy to know that your company is making sure the people who make these wonderful products are being given the compensation they deserve. I'm in love with this stuff! THANK YOU!"
Jessica (Florida)

- "WOW! I received my shea from you already - coming all the way across the USA! Thanks much, and now I see why everyone says you're the best! I'll be ordering more - I go through GOBS of this stuff!"
Cindy (Pittstown, New Jersey)

- "I have always suffered with oily acne prone skin, even as an adult. I found your site and was at first reluctant to order, due to bad experiences with like products in the past. When I found your website, and read your story, I felt honored to be a part of this plight. I can truly say, in honesty that these are by far the best product that I have ever tried on my skin. Albanga Karite's black soap and shea butter are extremely high quality and consistent products. I was also happy with the turn-around time of my order, and I will revisit your site time and time again, as well as refer. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future on a wholesale level. Thank you, and God bless you in your efforts, as you continue to provide to the world your rich and beautiful history, and your commitment to uplift those that are less fortunate. "
Anonymous (Oklahoma)

- "I received my shea butter and black soap on time today just like the tracking system showed! As soon as I got my products, I had to try them out! I washed my hands with the black soap and moisterized them with the shea. The shea smelled fresh unlike some other stinky sheas I've tried before. It was sooo creamy. and the black soap! it left my hands feeling squeeky has such a rich lather. I hope the combo of these products helps with my dry skin and blemishes. I'm sure it will! I'll be sure to let you all know!"
Anonymous (Suitland, Maryland)

- "Thanks for your excellent shea butter. I was very anxious to get it and start working with it for my skincare product. I think the quality and consistency is superb. I am looking forward to placing my next order."
Anonymous (New Jersey)

- "I bought your unrefined shea butter from one of your UK distributors. It is excellent. God bless you and may your business flourish to 10 fold."
Susan (United Kingdom)

- "The shea butter and black soap are excellent! I don't have to look any further. I will only get my shea butter and black soap from this site."
Cathy D (California)

- "I loved the excellent service and the quality of the shea butter. I have recommended you to all my friends interested in purchasing shea butter.
Carla O. (Georgia)

- "Rec'd the African black soap and mixed it with other natural shampoos and LOVE IT!! A real great clean feeling and spells natural. Have to use a conditioner though afterwards. It is the greatest."
John B. (Texas)

- "What a great company and products! Just received the shea butter I ordered and it is fantastic-- especially the integrity and ethics behind it. Thanks!"
Chris, Belly's Organics

- "I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products! I purchased your shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and black soap. They are ALL so amazing! The shea is hands-down the best I have ever used. I am so proud that the ingredients in my products come from you. It makes my heart fill with joy to know that the wonderful, hard-working members of your group are receiving a fair and living wage (the way it should be!). I am grateful that when I get to do what I love, I am also supporting such a responsible and ethical organization. Thank you for helping me make beautiful products I can feel good about. "
Ashlee B. (Colorado)

- "This my first time ordering from Agbanga Karite and ordering in bulk. I LOVE African Black Soap; I use it everyday. Their African Black Soap is exactly what I needed and expected (real). Also, it was at a great price. At first, I was worried that my order would not arrive before my nickel-sized amount of Black Soap ran out. What a surprise, I was impressed!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the availability, the prompt delivery process, well packaging, and realness!!!"
L.H. (Texas)

- "Shea butter and virgin coconut oil are exceptional. I have tried other shea butters and coconut oil and yours are the best. Keep up the good job."
Amelita K. (British Columbia)

- "I can not express my gratitude for such product. I received my Shea Butter and Black soap and I am very satisfied with my products. I am so happy to give back to the people who work to produce this for us. I will always support Agbanga Karite as long as it continues to support the producers in Africa and promote fair trade. Thank you.
Lynne D. (California)

- "Love your black soap and shea butter. Excellent price and quality!!!!. Will order from you again and again."
Janell G. (California)

- "I love your shea butter. I have tried shea from two other companies, and yours is the best by far. Great stuff!"
Rachel W. (USA)

- "Thank you so much for my shea butter. I received it quick and I simply love it."
K. M. (Illinois)

- "Company policy - Excellent...Customer/Service Excellent...I have just started using the black soap which I ordered, it came very well packaged. I will certainly order from Agbanga Karite again."
Tania W. (Washington State)

-i just wanted to thank you for you surburb quality of shea butter i get nothing but praise for the cream that i am making with your product. i will be back for more very soon. thanks."

- "I want To Thank You. I received couple months ago 15 pound of Soap and Shea Butter and can not stop to use it. The soap is so beautiful and the smell is delicious and natural. Now, I use only this Soap and Shea Butter for my children and newborn baby, I think it is more safe then drugstore product. My skin change a lot and my husband use this soap for shaving. I trough out all synthetic creams and shampoo and still can not realize how I could use this stuff before in my skin and with my children. All our family have very sensitive skin and your product really help us. Everything that You write about "Your" Shea and Soap it is true. Just Thank You and Thank You again.I have such a good feeling that part of my many go back to Africa. You doing good job in this corrupted world, but you will get your reward, because you are doing right things.Thank You from my family."

- "I am obsessed with this website!!! I check it almost everyday to see if anything new pops up or if there are any sales! I just love looking and reading about the products!! They are fab-u-lous!...I really liked the unrefined shea. It's not grainy like the ones I've tried before. The descriptions on the website are fairly accurate, too! The palm kernel oil really does have a caramel scent. And the cocoa butter has a nice fresh scent of natural chocolate. I have to say the 30 lbs. of black soap I bought seemed to be of better quality than the sample that I purchased. So, I'm very pleased with that. My personal experience with black soap has been great! I have sensitive/dry skin with occasional breakouts. I was looking for a product that would moisturize but get rid of my occasional pimples. I tried using Clinique, and after a couple weeks I started breaking out more. I kept using it for another two weeks and it got worse. I even tried spot treatments from Clearasil and Oxyclean, but only to find my skin inflammed, red, and 'burned.' So, I stopped my current regime and I bought black soap after running into this website. It was wonderful. After one week of use, I saw dramatic results. And after about 3-4 weeks, my face was clear of all blemishes and my scars were fading. The soap was a bit drying for my sensitive dry skin, but I used the unrefined shea butter after washing and it solved the dryness. I'm sure if you have an oily complexion, this will be perfect for you. I am also very happy with the customer service. The representative that I had spoken with over the phone is knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and personable. Shipping took only a few days and you can track it, which is great because that lets me know exactly when it'll arrive. I hope this company will stay around forever and that it will keep its integrity of products, service, price, and purpose. I also hope that there will be more discounts and sales as I anticipate that I will be purchasing more products. And I hope to see new products on your website. Thank you!!!"
C.Y. (California)

- "I am joyous for ever finding your site. As there are many sites claiming to be selling the original stuff. However, I am so pleased with my order of Shea Butter and Virgin Cocunut Oil, it is all I use in my everyday regimen. I love the pictures of the children with the books and uniforms. I am glad to know that my proceeds go to a worthy cause. Keep Your Head Up my African Sisters!!"
Dawn (Alabama)

- "First I'd like to say a bit about the customer service here at Agbanga ~ dead on perfect! I've been around the shea butter block a time or ten and I have to say I've never been disappointed in ordering from your company. I get what I order within days, not weeks or months, like some of the other shea companies. Second, the shea butter ~ ahhh! Absolutely the most beautiful shea butter I've used. Smooth, creamy and delectible! Not a bit of graininess or any kind of off smell ~ the scent is nutty and fresh, as it should be. In fact, our best selling butter is the plain unscented, and that's saying something about the quality of your shea. You have my complete loyalty and devotion ~ and that's saying a lot, too."
Justine C./Delicia Natural Skincare Deli (California)

- "i am so happy that i came across Fair Trade and their products. as soon as i got my shea butter and black soap, i called them the same night to thanked them. they got a happy customer on their hands. i am a college student so money doesn't come easily to me meaning i don't have any money to waste on horrible products. i'm happy to say that my money was well spent. i have to admit the scent caught me off guard, but it doesn't linger. it goes away after a few hours and it doesn't leave me with a greasy feeling not even on my face that tends to get oily. i can't keep this secret to myself. i have to let my friends and family know about Fair Trade and their products. again Thank you."
Willine (Alabama)

- "Your black soap is the best I've used. There's no comparison to others. Your Kpangnan (Golden Shea B.) is wonderful. So glad you offer such a superior product. I use your shea butter on my face and my skin is smooth and never greasy. Please continue offering such superiors products. And, your customer service is probably the best I've encountered. Keep up the good work!"
Cheryl K./tomatA tango (New Jersey)

- "I just received my order of 50 lbs of shea butter. It is the best. The smell is sweet and I''ll be ordering more soon. Thanks much."
Patricia C. (New Jersey)

- "The batch of shea butter I bought recently to add to salve was the best I've seen yet--far superior to the hard bleached stuff I've been able to find on the shelves. I've used it on its own as well as in salve and been extremely happy with the results. I'll be ordering more soon, and trying other products as well."
-Tracy P. (California)

-"I am the very proud owner of Reele-Izz Skin Care. Our entire skin care line is made with the purest, freshest and most exotic raw ingredients available...which includes your Superior Shea Butter. I am very happy to have finally found a reliable and responsible supplier of what I believe to be the best Therapeutic Shea Butter available. Thanks!!!"
- Virginia R. B./Reele-Izz Skin Care (Alberta)

-"Best black soap coming or going...LOVE IT!!!!"
- Edith F./Edie's Gallery- (Louisiania)

-"I am extremely pleased that I found the Agbanga Karite Website. The African Black Soap and Shea Butter that I purchased are the best I have ever used. The Website content, layout, and design leave nothing to be desired; a superb job was done in making information on Agbanga Karite and its products available to the public. Finally, I received excellent customer service when phoning the 1-866 number to make a correction in my order, and my order arrived expediently. Thank you so much for being."
Nyah (Maryland)

-"After just getting off the phone with another supplier who has NOT sent my order after 3 months, I find your fast service and excellent products heaven sent. THANK YOU!!!"
Jeannette P. (Florida)

-"phenomenal. absolutely phenomenal. i ordered the unrefined shea butter and black soap. my skin is so sensitive that i cannot even use lightening products that contain hydroquinone or kojic acids in the gentlest formulations. otherwise, my dark spots actually get darker as my skin reacts. but with the shea butter, which i lather and massage in religiously every night for one week so far, has made my skin brighter, more resilient and most of my spots have faded. i can almost say that for the first time in 12 years (since i was 14), i can almost go outside without powder or make up on because of the even toned skin i now have. i think in another week or so, i will be able to definitely step outside without make up. thank you so much for your gentle products and your pure, ethically and environmentally sound ingredients. there is a great article at which i suggest everyone to has a few clinical trials on shea butter. very interesting and good to know how this stuff works, why it works etc. once again, i am not only impressed with your products, but i am impressed with the fact that you work by fair trade regulations, using traditional methods of production with much going back to the original communities of producers. keep up this kind of compassionate can only be a win-win situation."
Melquiades - (New York)

- "I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the shea butter we recently purchased from you. It is amazing stuff. I have been using it in all my soaps and shea butters. I recently tried the virgin palm oil sample and along with the shea and the soap turned out fantastic. I had to get used to the smokey smell of the shea at first, now I simply use essential oils for scenting my shea butter creams and lotions and no more smokey smell! Thanks again and we will be placing another order in the near future."
Charlene B. - (Washington)

-"I've been jumping here setting up my new factory and haven't had a chance to write and tell you how much I'm enjoying the 165lbs of Shea I got from you in March. The quality is superior to any I've used and it formulates beautifully. Customers are loving it straight or in cremes and lotions. I'm a very satisfied customer."
Patrice A. - (Pennsylvania)

-"Thank you so much for your excellent products. I am thrilled to find coconut oil, palm and shea that are processed the way you do. The importance of using non plantation and organic production methods cannot be understated. The plus is the excellent quality of the products. I feel grateful everyday that when I do my work I am helping to support a business that gives so much to its community and sets itself to be a mentor for the world at large. Would that we all supported our own communities at this level. I look forward to a long relationship with Agbanga Karite. Thank you for helping me bring a better product to my community."
- Aliza V. (Oregon)

-"I made an order for Shea butter and black soap about a month ago. Your professionalism and customer service was great! You promptly returned my calls and answered all my questions. My package arrived in a timely fashion and on the stated day. I am very pleased with your products and I feel fortunate to have found Agbanga Karite. Our customers love the Shea butter and the black soap. Keep up the good work! :-)"
-Myriam M. (Florida)

-"I recently purchased 50 #'s your unrefined shea butter and must say it's the nicest shea I've ever received. It's creamy texture & natural light scent will be incorporated into many of my all natural products. You will definitely be receiving more orders from me! It's been a pleasure doing business with you!"
-Cricket Corner Soapworks (New Hampshire)

-"It's a pleasure doing business with you. I am very particular as to the quality of my oils--shea butter, unrefined palm oil, etc. I seek out those people who really care about this planet, and a maintain high ethical standard as I do. I am pleased with your responsiveness and your high quality. If we all contribute, even a little by what we do, perhaps we could shift the dynamics in a positive direction. Thank you,"
Judee M. (California)

-"I just love your Shea Butter! Its the freshest I have ever used and love the nutty smell of it. I have upped it in my soaps and find them to be so much creamier..."
-Anna G. (Maine)

-"I was a bit taken aback at the "naturalness" of the shea butter and it's color. However, after feeling it and rubbing it on my skin, it's fantastic!! Creamy smooth and butter like! I cannot wait to use it in my products."
-Janie B. (Florida)

-"I love the Shea Butter it does great in my CP soap and other bath products. It is very good & creamy. I got 50lbs it was easy to break down into small containers. I will certainly purchase more in the future."
-Jerilyn A. (Indiana)

-"I recently purchased your unrefined shea butter. It is great! Very creamy, nice color. It feels great on my skin all by itself. I would buy from your company again. Sincerely,"
-Lynelle S., (Michigan)

-"Ok, now I can give a fair assessment of the shea butter ; ) And, it passes with A+ for extra excellence. The shea is soft, and really melts in to the skin... it sinks right in after a few minutes, without leaving a greasey feeling at all ; ) I use it straight up every evening before bed time. Love the light nutty scent. No doubt about it. The shea is quality shea, and very fresh. Products??? Ok, used the shea in regular CP soap, in HP soap, and in a thick emulsified body butter, as well as Whipped Shea ala Anna. Worked great in all products. Again, this shea is not as greasy as some sheas appear to be. I love it!!!!! The whipped shea and body butter are absolutely fantastic. No need for IPM or nutrasorb. I want this shea to work its magic. So far customers using both the body butter and the whipped shea, have paid high regards: ) The Black African soap has been a favored staple of mine for a while. Many times the soap can be somewhat caustic. Not so in regard to the ABS you have. Very nice straight up, my eczema does not flare up. I also have the Virgin Palm Oil. This is wonderful, not only for the benefits, but also as a natural colorant. I used VPO in Cream soap in the past and just love the golden rich buttery yellow I can achieve with only a 1/4 tsp. I am very very pleased, and will definitely order more soon."
- Bekka (New York)

-"Just a week after whipping some of this up and sending some plain my Dads cracked hands and feet from his chemo are better! This is truly amazing and makes me feel so good! I received my shea and it is to die for. Nice and creamy and not too dark or smoky smelling. This is really good stuff!"
-Heather M. (Colorado)

-"...the shea butter is to die for...I have added it in my melt & pour, lip balm, soap and body butter and the creaminess is wonderful. Thanks"
-Liz Q., (Michigan)

-"Thank you. Exact English cannot be done. Please allow for my English. I am making djembe drum. If this karite is applied to a body, wooden textures will increase. The air dries very much in winter of Japan, causing severe conditions for a drummer. However, the hand which got dry is moistened with nature when this karite was applied to the hand. A high quality product -- good !!"
-Hideto S. (Japan)

-"I really enjoy using your shea butter because it is a pure product free from chemical contamination, unlike the bleached variety on offer here in the UK. I'm also very impressed with your ethics & your commitment to the producers in Togo. We particularly chose your shea butter over other suppliers because your policies & fair-trade ethics mirror our own. Similarly, our customers have been pleased to source such a product in the UK. Its very easy to work with & the my products are wonderfully rich & creamy. Thank you!"
-Lindsey H. (United Kingdom)

-"I really love your products and your outstanding attitude. I also appreciate the philosphy of your organization. It must be a great feeling to work for Agbanga Karite. I would love to work for a company like this. Thank you."
- Willie C. (Georgia)

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