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Agbanga Karite

How to Order / Policies

How to Shop

Add items to your shopping cart at any time during your session by clicking the "Add to Cart" button next to the price of the item you wish to buy. When you add your first item a shopping cart will be automatically created for you. Continue to shop for additional items by clicking on the "Continue Shopping" button. Clicking the "View Cart" button on any product page will allow you to view the contents of your cart. In the cart, you can change the quantity of an item by typing the new quantity in the quantity field on the shopping cart, and clicking the "Update" button. To delete an item, click on the red "X" located on the same line as the item or change the quantity to 0 and update your cart.

When you are satisfied with the contents of your cart:

  1. Click the "Checkout" button.

  2. Choose a shipping method (FedEx Home Delivery is the default method)

  3. Enter the Billing Information (the name and address of the credit card holder) along with a valid email address for order confirmation purposes.

  4. If your Shipping Information is the same as your billing information, click on the box at the bottom of the billing information. Otherwise, fill out the shipping information.

  5. Click on the "Continue" button.

  6. Review your order summary thoroughly and enter in your credit card information. Click on the "Submit Order" button to complete your purchase. Once you select "Submit Order," you cannot revise or cancel your order. You will receive email confirmation that we have received your order. Once you have clicked the "Submit Order" button, the transaction cannot be stopped or cancelled.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Payment for online orders must be made with a Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. If you chose to use your credit card, we will charge your card and email an order confirmation number to you. If you choose Paypal, your browser will automatically go to the Paypal site where you can make the payment.

You can pay via money order or cashier's check.

If you want to pay with a business or personal check, send the check to Agbanga Karite, PO Box 11143 with a copy of the printable order form (pdf document). If you contact us by email when you send a payment, we should have your order ready to ship as soon as your check clears. In your email, please include your name, address, telephone number, email address and identify which products you want.

International Orders

Our current shopping cart does not support orders shipping outside the continental United States. If you would like to place an international order please contact us or fax your order to 360-252-8999. Please note that you are responsible for any additional customs, duty or other fees other than the shipping cost. Also, our responsibility for the package and items ends when the package leaves our facility in WA state.


Washington state residents will be charged the sales tax rate for Thurston county of 8.7%. Businesses that make a purchase for resale must submit a resale certificate to Agbanga Karite Group by fax (360-252-8999) or mail (PO Box 11143, Olympia WA 98508). If not, we must charge the buyer retail sales tax on the total purchase. After you submit the resale certificate, we will add your FEIN or UBI number to our system. For subsequent orders, enter your FEIN or UBI number in the Tax ID field to be exempt from sales tax. Please call 1-800-664-8005 if you have questions.

Download: Resale Certificate (.pdf)


We normally ship orders within 1-2 business days hours of receipt. Our standard shipping is FedEx Home Delivery. Most orders will arrive within 3-10 business days. Orders in Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories will be sent via United States Postal Service. For best service, please call or email for international shipment information.

For our international customers, orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders are shipped via USPS International Priority Mail and take anywhere between 10-30 days to arrive, depending on customs in your country.


When you place an order, please be very careful to list your complete shipping address and take time to verify that it is correct. This can save you money and get your order to you more quickly. If you are having a package shipped to your place of business/work, please be sure to list the company name in the Delivery address info so that we may ship TO you in care of your company/business.

We can only ship to the address we are given! If we ship to the address you list and the package is returned to us, you are responsible for any additional shipping charges plus the cost to reship to you again. If you list an incorrect address and FedEx does an address correction, they charge an address correction fee. This fee is typically $5.00-$10.00, but can be as high as $35.00. You are responsible for this fee if it is a result of an error you made when entering your address/shipping information OR if you contact FedEx and ask that the package be delivered elsewhere.

If you don't list your address with the appropriate apartment number, suite number, mobile home lot #, floor number, etc., FedEx will charge the aforementioned address correction fee.

For all of the above reasons, please take a moment to double check your address and be sure to list whether your address is a STREET, AVENUE, LANE, CIRCLE, COURT, BLVD, etc. It can make a difference.

Any and all fees incurred as a result of your order and it's shipping must be paid before future orders can be filled. When an order is paid for by credit card, additional fees incurred will be charged to this same credit card. When paying by PayPal, you will be notified of any fees so that you may make a PayPal payment to cover them. If you place an order and we have a pending charge on file for you, it will be added to the new order before payment is processed.


International orders may have additional port taxes, customs charges and duties associated with the order. Responsibility for these charges is to be assumed by the customer. Please contact your custom's Department for more information.


Agbanga Karite Group guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase of our products, with the exception of 1 lb samples. If you are not 100% pleased with your purchase, please return it within 21 days for a replacement or refund. Our one pound samples are intended as samples only, and as such, we do not accept returns for these.

Shipping charges are not refunded on returns and the customer is responsible for all shipping charges back to our facility.

Please send returns to the following address (Shipping fees apply):

Agbanga Karite Group
8109 River Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98501

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