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Fair Trade
AIDS/Malaria Research
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Fair Trade

Fair Trade Federation: an association of fair trade wholesalers, retailers, and producers whose members are committed to providing fair wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers worldwide.

Africa Fair Trade Council: a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness in Africa and the rest of the world about the importance of fair trade. It also advises new businesses in Africa on how to incorporate fair trade practices into their business plans so that they can support the growth of their communities. FTA is currently working on a fair trade shea butter project to promote the importance of supporting fairly traded shea butter as the popularity of this African indigenous commodity increases worldwide. Their hope is that raising awareness will help shea butter producers realize a greater percentage of the final retail sales of their product.

Alaffia Fair Trade Shea Butter, a retailer of fair trade shea butter and shea butter soaps, creams and lotions.

Global Alliance for Community Empowerment, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering communities through fair trade.

Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative comprised of 17 community based coffee roasters., developed by the Consumers Union, compares, contrasts and rates a variety of labels of interest to consumers.

Equiterre works towards the creation of a more equitable system of international trade through the promotion of fair trade and other consumer alternatives. It is co-sponsor of CafeUnidos, an information clearinghouse for sustainable coffee with information in English, French, and Spanish.

European Fair Trade Association is a coalition of European Fair Trade wholesalers.

Global Exchange conducts Fair Trade campaigns and sells Fair Trade products through its on-line catalog and retail shops.

Interfaith Fair Trade Initiative increases the involvement of people of faith in fair trade

International Federation for Alternative Trade is a global network of Fair Trade organizations.

Network of European World Shops World Shops sell fairly traded products from small-scale producers in developing countries.

Oxfam is leading a campaign to respond to the global coffee crisis and help consumers become part of the solution.

RUGMARK is a global nonprofit organization working to end child labor and offer educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Seek, a program of World Vision, offers trade resources designed for people of faith

SweatFree Communities promotes the collective bargaining power of both workers in sweatshops and communities of consumers.

TransFair USA provides Fair Trade certification and labeling for food products in the United States.

United Students for Fair Trade is a collaboration of students working towards economic justice through the promotion of Fair Trade products, principles and policies.

AIDS/Malaria Research

Africare: Africare's programs address needs in the principal areas of food security and agriculture as well as health and HIV/AIDS. Agbanga Karite is proud to be a lifetime member of Africare.

Shea Butter Health & Body Care

Handcrafted Shea Butter Bath and Body Care: Alaffia provides salon quality shea butter creams, shea butter lotions, shea butter lip balms, and shea butter soap. Alaffia also retails pure, unrefined shea butter and African Black Soap bars and products.

Natural Indulgences - Natural, handcrafted shea butter balms and soaps. Gentle and Wonderful. Salem, OR (530) 581-8068.

LUISA New York: Handcrafted soap and aromatherapy. Description: Natural handmade soap: Olive oil, Glycerin, Milk-based. Homemade moisturizing bars with pure essential oil blends. The original relaxing Ultra Age music. Tranquility.

Prairieland Herbs: Prairieland Herbs produces and sells organic products which range from herbal cleansing grains and lotion bars to canine aromatherapy shampoos and muscle ease mist.

Packaging Suppliers: We do not carry packaging supplies. We have compiled the following list of packaging suppliers for your convenience:

ABA Packaging
Alameda Packaging
Amac Plastic Boxes
Chiswick Packaging Solutions
Consolidated Plastics
Container & Packaging Supply
Elemental Containers
Essential Supplies
Montebello Packaging
Nashville Wraps
Nobel Packaging
Pouches for Less
Richards Packaging
Roberts Containers
SKS Bottle
Specialty Bottles
Sunburst Bottles
The Box Depot
US Container Corp.
United States Plastics Co.

Essential Oil Suppliers We also do not carry essential oils. The following is a list of bulk essential oil suppliers:

FPI Sales (BC Canada)
Liberty Natural Products (OR USA)
Essential Oil University (USA)
Vitality Oils (BC Canada)
Essential Wholesale (OR USA)

Indigenous African Art

Earthtribe Percussion: Earthtribe Percussion is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality African percussion and crafts at affordable prices. All of our products are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Africa from countries such as Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tanzania, and Kenya. We are musicians and artists and only offer products that meet our high standard of quality and performance. We truly thank you for your support of African culture and hope you find many years of enjoyment from any of the wonderful items you purchase.

The Environment

We are becomming increasingly concerned with the amount of plastic in our environment and the impact this plastic has on other living creatures and ecosystems. We have gathered a few links where you can get more information about this: has an article called Plastics: An Environmental Menace, has several articles, including he Sixth Basic Food Group, Get Plastic Out of Your Diet, and Against the Current - The Plastic Sea.

In "Get Plastic Out of Your Diet", author Paul Goettlich states; "There is now 6 times more plastic around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean than zooplankton floating, which is a major food source for sea animals".(This info comes from Marine Pollution Bulletin, Dec 2001 - 3 years ago!) Paul goes on to say, "A large portion of it is preconsumer plastic that has not been made into a product yet. Called nurdels, they're physically very much like zooplankton. The researcher who found this, Captain Charles Moore, Director of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, said that new data indicates that the ratio of plastic to zooplankton is even higher in two so-called floating plastic "Garbage Patches" that are each bigger than the State of Texas". "Nurdles are incorporated into all strata of the oceans with no known method of removal. DDE, a metabolite of DDT, and other dioxin-like chemicals concentrate on the surface of the plastic nurdles at a rate up to a million times that found in the ocean. Captain Moore's presentation includes images of sea animals that have suffocated and starved as a result. Even more startling is seeing plastic bits incorporated into the flesh of the sea animals".

Shea Butter World News Read a recent article on shea butter production in Africa and relations with cosmetics manufacturers. Featuring an image of the Agbanga Karite Group members in Sokode.

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